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April 30, 2014 11:49 AM

Categories: Strategy and Leadership

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Joined: 04/30/2014


As written above, we came accidentally into the software business in 2006. It was a small venture. Finally in 2014, now and after investing a lot and lots of hit and trial, with the support of almost 25 IT Graduates (MCA'S  and B-Tech IT), we have developed a solution which we say is an ERP.

We are in INDIA.

We now claim that it is almost a perfect solution for a manufacturing industry specially for SME's.

In the midway our Not-So-Perfect and so called CEO / President quit the Job. Also as IT industry is considered to be a big attrition rate industry, our IT Specialists developers etc. also switched over in the way . 

Irrespective of that we are now looking for a person who can fit himself into the post of CEO. For us CEO means a person who know the business model commercially and technically both. He or She should be able to handle the Technical Requirements of the software development and should be able to bring in business for successfull running of the company.

Members pls guide.


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