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Getting Involved with SoftwareCEO

The heart of softwareceo.comis you: The business owner, CEO, and software professional who offers top quality advice.

No community can be complete without experts like you who participate on the site forums, share tips and tricks through supported blogs, and lend your expertise in published editorial content.

The softwareceo.comteam would like to show you the ways you can get involved with the community, and how it can benefit you and your business.

Contributing Author

Most often, the article begins as an interview conducted with our co-editor and founder, Bruce Hadley, but it could also be something you have written on your own.  Articles are visible on the main homepage of the community for a variable length of time, but typically at least three weeks.  After that time, they move to our Editorial Archives, where they are forever available to all site subscribers.

When you participate as a contributing author, you receive a special title on your profile, which will be visible anywhere you post on the site and expire one year from publication date of your article.  You also receive 3 month subscription level access to softwareceo.comas well as a link placement on our showcase page for 3 months.

For more information on what we are looking for, consult our editorial guidelines

Contributing Blogger

A contributing blogger is the next level, in which you regularly submit content to the community in the form of a blog hosted on SoftwareCEO, with a minimum of 2 posts per month.

You can read our editorial guidelines for more information on blogging at SoftwareCEO, or take a look at some existing blogs to get an idea of what fits best in our community.  Generally, blog posts are designed to be "short and sweet" and written in your own voice, from your own perspective.

Forum Moderator

Forum moderators are the acknowledged and most visible experts within our community forums.  As such, the Moderators have a fairly demanding set of responsibilities, including:

  • They start and stimulate active conversation
  • They respond to questions
  • They monitor and delete spam
  • They moderate comments that break forum policy
  • They foster a sense of community and do what they can to encourage participation

Forum moderators offer professional advice and establish themselves as experts in their field within the softwareceo.comcommunity. It's a great honor, and we we very much appreciate their contribution.  

Forum moderators receive a special title and subscription level access to softwareceo.comduring their moderation period, as well as moderator level access and a window into the "inside track" of the community.  

In addition, forum moderators will receive prominent placement on a special page on softwareceo.comdevoted to showcasing industry professionals.