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Mashup Enterprise Services

Nostalgic for a late 60s console entertainment center complete with an integrated turntable, tube amp, radio, TV, and stereo speakers? Consoles were big pieces of furniture, the focal point of the room on which we... More »

The Busy Boss' Guide to Easy Project Risk Management

Let me ask you a question. How can you spot profitability leaks and cost overruns in technology projects before your peers – and then fix them? You really have two options to choose from, and... More »

Why Smart Project Management Data Will Never Go Away

Over the last 10 years, a trend has become apparent in the use of timesheet software among companies of all sizes. More and more, corporate executives are seeking to understand their project accounting costs. If... More »

The Anatomy of a Great Social CEO

We all know just how effective of a tool social media can be when used to help establish and promote a brand, as well as enable interactions with a company. The question that businesses must... More »

New Release Adoption Rates The Key Metric in Software

Getting the installed base to upgrade is becoming a survival imperative, as customers left on older versions compare what they have to what's available from the cloud and find it wanting. The ERP industry is... More »

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CEO Survey Index

Previous CEO surveys here at SoftwareCEO. Vote in the latest poll on the homepage ! You can also vote in polls here that you have not yet voted in, and see the results. Human Resources... More »

Achieving Success In A Narrow Niche: How Bockyn Software's CEO Built a Business on Parks & Rec

Mike Bocker spends his professional time on the ball field, at least metaphorically. As CEO of Bockyn Software he serves a highly specialized niche: The parks and recreations departments of various municipalities. Founded... More »

Top 10 Pitfalls of Software Globalization And How to Avoid Them

Many enterprise applications do not provide all the languages that businesses require to support employees, partners and customers. Depending on the language and software application, localization can present formidable hurdles for software vendors. Here are... More »

And the Secret to being a successful entrepreneur is...

Originally appeared on . Something hit me today like a ton of bricks. Something thats so damn obvious I cant believe I never encapsulated it into a single coherent thought before. The secret... More »

The Identity Silver Lining for SaaS in the Enterprise Clouds

The clouds have arrived. Whether public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud, enterprises are on-board with their transition to cloud. While cloud hype is still high, the move is clearly afoot and enterprises are quickly... More »

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