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Human Resources Image Recruiting, hiring, retention, compensation, measurement, and questions about HR practices.

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What a Scattered Office Means For Your Company Culture

Telecommuting is increasingly becoming a way of business life. According to the United States Census Bureau, an estimated 20 to 30 million people work at home at least one day a week. Worldwide, the numbers... More »

GoChime, a TechStars Software Standout, Lines Up Angels & Mentors; How You Can Do the Same

Last December, GoChime , a graduate of the TechStars Seattle program, pulled in $630,000 from assorted angel investors . Co-founded by Josh Emert, Austin Evarts, and Matt Walters, New York City-based GoChime develops software... More »

How the Cloud Changes the IT Skill Set

If there's one thing that's abundantly clear in the tech industry, it's that the Cloud is here to stay. The Cloud has matured enough that it's even infultrating business applications--such as ERP MRP software--once thought... More »

Are You Staffing for the Success of your Company?

Today's article is written by my colleague, Bill Balcezak, and Deborah Kerr, partner at affintus. Learn more about them in their bios at the end of the article. Successful hiring is one of the key... More »

How to Raise Money When You Have Only an Idea: Advice from MotherKnows CEO Hesky Kutscher

In July, Mountain View, Calif.-based developer MotherKnows raised $1.7 in seed capital from several investors . What makes this interesting -- for entrepreneurs, anyway -- is not the amount of money; there are certainly bigger... More »

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How became a web powerhouse by being flexible

by Grant Buckler , Senior Writer, softwareceo.comWhen Rich Milgram started , he never expected it to become the world's largest online network of career sites. He did it mainly to find contracts... More »

13 Tips: How SaaS firm eProject prospers in the land of the giants

by Adam Stone , Senior Writer, softwareceo.comMost software CEOs would be terrified of venturing onto turf controlled by the likes of Microsoft and CA . But not Seattle-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendor, eProject . The... More »

The Outsourcing Trenches

My first experience with outsourcing of software development was a miserable failure. Had I stopped there as I was about to I would never have realized all the benefits which can come from outsourcing. Many... More »

Help for busy software execs with marketing, funding, bundling & layoffs

by Gordon Graham , Editor, softwareceo.comThese days, most software execs are trying to do too much with too little. So we found five cool resources to help. No time to plan your marketing? A... More »

Monumental growth propels NetQoS into a hiring blitz; here are 14 tactics you can borrow for landing new employees

by Elizabeth Millard, softwareceo.comJoel Trammell, CEO and president of NetQoS, an Austin, Texas, software firm, has the kind of problem that most executives would love: He has to figure out how to keep his... More »

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