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CloudCamp: A Lightning Talk on Security in the Cloud

I recently had the pleasure of participating in CloudCamp Silicon Valley at the Cloud Expo Nov. 5-8, tossing my hat in the ring for a ‘Lightning Talk' on "Security in the Cloud." With only five minutes to talk about cloud single sign-on (SSO), I covered as much ground as I could.

The Most Interesting Passwords

Here are the highlights on my presentation:
• The average corporate employee uses 15 SaaS apps
• Log-in screens and credential requirements of each are often quite different
• The traditional method of password management - sticky notes! - is simply not secure!
• A better, more secure SaaS user experience can be achieved through cloud SSO
• Removing the user from as much of the log-in process as possible is the key, and secure Internet SSO makes it possible

Here's how secure Internet SSO works
The enterprise, or identity provider (IdP), manages the users' credentials and provides information to the service provider (SP) for them to establish user sessions. This is accomplished by industry standards that help transfer identity information between IdP and SP completely behind the scenes without user intervention. It's a winning formula. Here's why:

  • Enterprises win because they can be confident user IDs are secure, and therefore the resources they have access to are as well
  • Employees win on convenience because they don't have to remember as many passwords and can simply do their jobs
  • SaaS providers win because they remove friction from the user experience for both the enterprise and its employees, which increases utilization and reliance on the app for longer-term value

Passwords continue to pose problems and it's in everybody's best interest to eliminate them wherever possible. Software executives have a vital role in this. Wouldn't it be better for your developers and support staff to be focused on features and functionality rather than password reset requests? Get SSO-enabled, and together let's eradicate the password problem.

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This blog will share insights, best practices and anecdotes of how secure cloud identities can shorten time to revenue for software companies, speed user adoption and increase application stickiness for increased long-term customer value. This blog will include primers on technology and standards while providing commentary on current events relevant to identity in the software business.

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