Hi Susan,

Thanks for the ideas. While I agree with all four of your points. I believe that the first two are really the most important. I've found, over the years, that matching the second point, "Value of Offering," with the first, "Visitor Motivation," helps to organically address the other two points, being "Ease of Action" and "Trust."

If people who are highly motivated to address an immediate need find high value content that helps them get to solutions (i.e. a match of a valuable answer to an immediate question or problem), trust automatically goes up, resulting in better loyalty and return traffic "and" such visitors also are more willing to take a few more steps, ignoring "Ease of Use issues, to get to their answer or solution. In other words, a good answer to a tough problem makes people trust more and more willing to jump through a few more hoops to get to their answer.

I also have learned that you can't design "Trust" into your site, you can only earn it by matching strong content and a high level of professional services to visitor need. In other words, "Trust" is really just a symptom of being successful at achieving your first two points and only develops, over time.

And, if you build Trust because you're providing strong solutions to meet needs, visitors will be more tolerant of usability issues, even patiently providing you with ideas to improve "Ease of Action/Use," over time.

I hope this adds value. Thanks for the article.

My Best,

Frank Guerino
The International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT)