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SoftwareCEO Forum Policy and Posting Guidelines

General Posting Guidelines

  1. Search the Site - Before you post a question to the forums, please search the forums and other articles on the site to see if your question has already been answered.
  2. Be Specific - Vague questions are very difficult to answer. When posting a question, especially those seeking help or assistance, please try to be as specific as possible.
  3. Give Back - Don't forget to thank those that help you, and reach out to others in the community by helping to answer questions and sharing your experiences.

Posting Rules

  1. No Profanity - Using racial slurs or other language intended to offend others is strictly prohibited. To make everyone's experience enjoyable, we ask that you refrain from using foul language.
  2. No Flaming - Please do not verbally assault, harass, or degrade other community members.
  3. No Pornographic or Violent Images - This includes the use of sexual avatars, the posting of sexual or pornographic images, and linking to sexual or pornographic websites.
  4. No Advertising - Do not advertise your business or use the site for financial gain in any discussion or through the site's Private Message System. If you wish to advertise on this site, contact us
  5. No Spam - Do not spam the members of this community, by sending members the same or repeated messages in a discussion or through the site's Private Message System.
  6. No Sock Puppets or Trolling - Users are prohibited from creating and posting with multiple accounts/usernames, as well as posting messages with no purpose other than to upset other members.
  7. No Cross Posting - Please choose the most relevant forum, topic, or thread to post your question, and post it once. Do not post the same question in multiple forums or threads.
  8. No Excessive or Unnecessary Posting - Posting excessively to raise your post count or credibility will not be tolerated.
  9. No Bumping - Please do not post a "bump" message to raise your question to the top of the list.
  10. No Typing in ALL CAPS - Typing in all caps is considered by most to be yelling, and makes posts difficult to read. Typing in all caps is considered to be irritating and rude in nearly all forums.
  11. No Questioning Moderators in Public - Moderators on the site work hard to make everyone's experience better. If you would like an explanation as to why a post was removed or a warning was given, please use the feedback page or send the moderator a private message.


In order for this forum to be an enjoyable experience for all members, it is important that everyone observes the above guidelines.

Capable Networks reserves the right to enforce the above rules in a variety of ways, including your post or thread being deleted for any reason, a warning from a site administrator, editor, or moderator, or your immediate ejection from the community. Off-topic or nonsense posts can be deleted. Posts that were answered elsewhere on the site can be deleted, moved, or referenced to the correct page. Additionally, use of this board constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use.


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