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Daily management of sales and marketing teams
Data keying software
Data Recovery Software for Windows Based Systems
Database for appointing - Resellers, VARs - for a Travel Technology company
Database selection
Date in copyright notices
De-Mystifying SaaS Reseller Models
Deal Breaker: Software Installations
Deal structure for component of enterprise software
Dealing with 'no value added' resellers?
Dealing with Private Equity Groups
dealing with VAT, selling sw training in Europe
Dealt lemons, this ISV writes new recipes for lemonade, then serves up 1,904% revenue growth
Death of a Demo Disk
Death of Packaged Apps?
Death to the evaluation copy on upgrades?
Deceptive Website Legal Forms Result in $359 million FTC Settlement
deciding not to sell to a customer
decision to make on internet sale channel...
Defensible EBIT goal to tell investors?
Deferred Revenue Tracking
Defining Web 2.0
Delay on commission payments
Deliverying Software as a Service
Demo from hell
Dentist Software
Designer assistance
Designing a Referral Program
Designing an org structure - need advice/pointers
Desk.com Sells for $80 Million Just 11 Months After Product Release; Founder Tells How

Determining equity structures
Determining Sales Quota for team in respect to finance's shipment budget
Dev Tool and/or Runtime pricing?
Develop faster and cheaper, from client/server to RIA to mobile to SaaS
Developer LogiXML Makes "Chocolate Cake" Video, Software Shoppers Gobble It Up
Developer Marketing Patterns by EDC
Developer needs to learn about software marketing
Developer Network
Developing a Strategy for the Recovery
Developing a Wireless Mobile Strategy
Developing Reseller Network
Developing Software Standards
Development consultand
Development costs: Capitalize or Expense?
Development Tooling
Development vs. production server pricing/licensing
Deversus CEO's Tips: How To Move From Custom Software Development to Become a Product Company
DICOM VCL for Delphi
Did I sell out?
Did they meet the requirements?
differences between a reseller and a distributer?
Differences between Win users and Mac users?
Different price-lists (OEM vs. tier-1 vs. small business)
Different type of business software and web application need
Different type of business software and web application need
Different versions or Add-ons?
Differentiation in a competitive market
Digg that software, working with bloggers, and new life for old laptops
Digital Software Delivery
Dim Witted Software Marketing
Direct Mail - International
Direct Mail - Repitition vs. High End Piece
Direct Mail piece.
Direct Mail Question (for Howard S & other experts)
Direct Mail responses rate
Direct mail: Postcard vs #10 envelope?
Direct sales and Reseller Channel sales conflicts??
Direct sales follow-up boosting software sales
Direct vs. Indirect Labor
Disaster Recovery keys
Disaster struck company - Trying to revive..
Disclosing how many emails you will send
Discount for company embedding my software in a training program
Discount percentage - how much
Discount percentage for marketing partner
Discount Percentages for Resellers/Distributors
Discount rates for software development projects
Discount to distributor?
Discounts & Terms for small distributors
Discounts to VAR for a single corp customer?
Discussion Forums
Distorted download figures
Distribute Software to Wal Mart/Target/QVC
Distributed R&D: Beyond just Cost Benefits
Distributing components
Distributing thru CompUSA and other retailers
Distribution - Salesagents
Distribution channels - $30 game
Distribution in China
distribution of free marine weather info
Distribution/Investment Partner
Distributor Commitment
Distributor Discount
Distributor List for Vertical Market
Distributor/Agent commissions
Distributors and Resellers Wanted
Distributors and Resellers Wanted
Distributors Needed - Membership / Affiliate / MLM Software
DIY sales management, 21st century recruiting, and viral marketing
DM Lists/Newsletters targetted to CxO's
DM Quest Software
Do business networking Web sites work?
Do Click-Through EULA really carry weight?
Do docs the Microsoft way
Do I ditch the old and stick with the new?
Do I need a business manager?
Do Non-Practicing Entities Impede Progress?
Do not know where to go on this one...
Do patents really kill innovation?
Do Trademarks Always Trump Domain Names? Not always.
Do Walk-Ins Work?
Do we have to always consider M&A or something else can be done?
Do we license the end-user company or the outsourcing vendor?
Do You Deliver Stunningly Awful Software Demos? Peter Cohan Bursts 12 Common Blunders
Do you guys know about a system which supports software developers?
Do you have a Management Team page?
Do You Know Where You're Unprofitable?
Do you mention Escrow on your website?
Do you need a representative in USA?
Do you need experts?
Do you need help with your software or service sales and marketing strategy?
Do you need partner to care about your website and related activities?
Do you need to work with IBM Rational HATS to modernize your Mainframe App.?
Do you Own Your Code?s Future? (Ownership of Custom Code)
Do You Own Your SaaS Website? Part 1: 5 Copyright Myths Debunked
Do You Own Your SaaS Website? Part 2 - Have You Considered Pre-Existing Elements?
Do You Own Your SaaS Website? Part 3 - Your Opt-In and Customer Lists
Do you pitch the person answering the phone?
Do you think Jaina has already
Do You Track -- Or Plan To Track -- Website Behavioral Data?
Do you want someone to complete your work on an as needed basis?
Do Your SaaS Legal Documents Position You for Marketing Success?
DocMatch detects plagiarism
Documentation on Pyramid Sales?
Documents here
Does activity-based billing create un-needed complexity?
Does anybody have any experience with it?
Does anyone know of a Contract Tech Support company ?
Does anyone know?
Does Cold-Calling Work?
Does direct mail work for software companies?
Does financing have a positive impact on the sales process?
Does good custom software seller must have a good knowledge of IT ?
Does innovative CRM software have value?
Does pay-per-download work?
Does Sales Outsourcing make sense for my business?
Does social media marketing work for software company?
Does Software Sales Works Out.....
Does telemarketing work?
Does the Microsoft-Sun settlement threaten your future?
Does Your SaaS Agreement Violate the New Restore Online Shopper's Confidence Act?
Doing buisness in China
Doing business in a tough economy
Doing business in the Czech Republic
Doing business on the Web
Doing more business in the cloud? Don't do what Verizon is doing.
DomainNameSponsors.com - Earn money from your domain traffic Maximize your Revenue!
Domains For Sale - Bankcard Industry
Don't give distributors the key to your inventory
DotNetNuke experts
Download conversion rate from press release
Download conversion ratio?
Download Library
Download only versus physical fulfillment
Download Scams
Download sites and SEO
downloaded software from the web not installing on windows
DR Licences
dreaded mohawk frailing banjo
Drip Marketing
Driving technical/platform adoption thru marketing
Drowning in legalese....
Due Diligence Checklist for Acquisition
Due Dilligens
Dwarf And Word Of Warcraft
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