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C# / ASP.NET / C# full lifecycle software development ¬?A-Team¬?
C++ Editor Component
C/C++ Programming Training Institute or Center in India
Calculating Total Cost of Ownership when Choosing a Solution
Call Center Space
calling leads
Cam the Camel is one of several camels in Al Kharid
Campaign planning template
campus wide pricing
Can an OEM deal act as a DIRECT competition to you
Can anyone share thoughts on source code pricing?
Can anyone suggest a good software vendors list?
Can Company Block Press Release?
Can Distributors and Resellers Be Trusted?
Can good customer service help your IT business survive the recession?
can i post the discount information here?
can i trust software project bidding sites?
Can someone recommend sites for recruiting?
Can Technology Solve the Project Execution Problem?
Can VARs Help with SaaS Offerings
Can we charge license fee for additional fail over server?
Can whitespace patterns provide clues to plagiarism?
Can you recommend a good Corporate Law Firm?
Can you recommend any good Cold Calling company?
Can You Save the Planet and Still Make Money? Software Startup Simple Energy Bets Yes
Can you share your experience with Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)?
Cancellation policy on a joint venture
Capital plus Transaction pricing woes
Caps on price increases?
Capturing consumer surplus - ONCE!
Career With SAP
Careers with successful software company in Los Angeles, CA and St. Paul, MN
Case studies to manage founder/professional CEO transition
case-study presentation
Cash cows in software
Cash for clunkers, more on FAQs, forget multi-tasking, and anti-piracy update
Cash is king: Here's how to keep the king from clobbering you
Cast a net wide or narrow in direct marketing?
Casualty and Theft tax Deductions?
CD burning software that will prevent Audio CDs' from duplication?
Centralised vs. distributed helpdesks
Centralized Tech Support
CEO Employment Contracts
CEO lacks skills
CEO Performance Evaluation
CEO Performance Review
CEO Survey Index
CEOs' growth strategies available
change your identity. +23770170384 (bestfdocuments@gmail.com)
Channel conflict - poaching customers
channel manager compensation data
Channel mix, model efficiency leads to sky-high sales per employee
channel partner commisions
Channel partner sales
Channel Penetration Strategy
channel percentages, how much is too much?
Channel Sales and Affiliate Marketing
Charging for maintenance releases ?
Charging for Private Label`
Charging for semi-bespoke development in SaaS environment
Charging for Support Services
Chart of accounts for a software company and accounting for transactions
Chasm Crossing Successes
Chasm Crossing Successes
Chat revisited as a support option
cheap bulk email server setup with powerMTA setup
Cheap or works properly?
Cheap selling products such as software,php scripts,3d movies,3d model,h/phone,tablet and
Checks and other T&C's with American Companies
Cheif Technology Integrator
Chess room operation
China, One of the best investment destinations for overseas IC companies
Chinasourcing - TOP50 Service Outsourcing Providers in China 2009 List Unveiled
Chinese Web Domain Registry
Choice of Entity for VC financing and Exit by Acquisition
ChoicePoint Nailed Again By FTC For Data Security Violations
Choosing a payment system
choosing a positioning and marketing strategy for a web-based product
Choosing Between Technical vs. Business Target Prospects
Choosing the right customer description
CIO vendor discussions
CIOs demand ROI, then don't use it
Claim your facebook username before it is gone
Claiming fitness for a particular purpose
classes, colleges, tech schools in Southern California
Clean hand off from inside sales to outside sales
Clean, cutting-edge UI design cuts McAfee's support calls by 90%
Cleaning up CRM information
ClearForest - Channel Sales Manager
Click to Accept - Master Subscription Agreements
Client-Developer Partnership
CliffsNotes For Bloggers To Avoid The FTC's $11,000 Fine For Endorsements
Cliffsnotes for Online Marketers To Avoid FTC Liability From Affiliates and Resellers
CliffsNotes on new titles from a geek-turned-CEO, a high-tech copywriter, and a deal-making lawyer
Clinical Decision Support System with 5000 users for sale
Clock building, not time telling
Clone a software, sell as new product
Closing sales with a new product
Cloud accounting module to fuse with app
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is not a Pricing Model
Cloud Computing Trends: A Look Back and A Look Forward
Cloud Inside
Cloud not Cheaper than On Premesis
Cloud Reliability Stumbles
Cloud Security, Full of Holes and Bugs?
Cloud Services / Azure / Partnering
Cloud Vendors Spend Too Much on Sales and Marketing
Cloud, Mobility, and Big Partners
CloudCamp: A Lightning Talk on Security in the Cloud
CMiC CEO proves slow and steady wins the race to dominate his vertical
CMMI Carrer
Co-op advertising
Code Protection for Custom Project
Code Reds
CodeCLOC for software transfer pricing cases
CodeMeasure is now free
CodeSuite 4.4 and CodeSuite-LT 1.2 Released
Codie nominations open for 10 more days
COGS - Cost of Goods Sold - how to define it for a software company?
COGS for Tax Purposes
Coldfusion outsourcing
collaboration to develop a product
Collaboration vs Leadership in Decision Making
Collecting Email at Download Time
Collecting information for downloads: good or evil?
College Management System & School Management System
Comcast internet:high speed internet band...
Come to work when you want, go home when you want?
Comfort is your real product; your character is where it comes from
Coming to America: How non-U.S. software firms (and startups, too) can win in this market
Comment on this weeks VAT story
Commercial building rental agreement
Commercial offer.
Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2011- What Does It Mean For SaaS Websites?
Commercial software vs. Shareware
commision based sales outsourcing
Commission for Business Development
Commission for distributor in unexpected market?
Commission on laptop sales [newbie]
Commission on what exactly?
Commission Only Independent Sales Reps
Commission Only Plan as a Channel Partner
Commission Only Sales
Commission rates for 1099 sales agents
Commission sales representative program recommendations
Commission Structures
Commission to Support Sales Agents
Commission-Based Position Help
commissions due after sales contractor agreement termination
Commissions on annual lease sales
Commit to Fix or Response time for defects?
Community Edition?
Comp Plans for Employees of a Spinout
comPanel discussion Invitation: Distributed R&D
Companies looking for outsourcing service transfer should eye on China!
Companies Under $100 Million In Revenue Are Wildly Unprofitable. Why?
Company / Industry database?
Company Financial Metrics
Company name -- Inc or Corp?
Company Valuation
Company Wants To Use My Data
Company Web site....or not?
Comparing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of SaaS vs. On-Premise
Compelling Event or TSO to close
Compelling voice mails, pre-tests for your marketing, live coaches for your users, and insight on China's software market: Fresh ideas for ISVs
Compensating engineer based on future sales
Compensating IT consultants
Compensating People to Work Harder Without Monetary Compensation
Compensation - Balancing investor and exectutive interests
Compensation based on diversification
Compensation plan
Compensation planning for spin off of a very established non tech company
Compensation Plans for Bus Dev People
compensation through equity
Competing against open source
Competing against Open Source Software
Competing with the biggies
Competitive Intelligence Co. seeks eyes & ears
Competitive Market Research
Competitive Retail Sales (mktg spending)
Competitor Analysis.How to use at its best?
Competitor saying "Don't buy from them - they're tiny."
Completely new mindset.
Compliance checks for Section 508
Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing in the US : Bharatbook
Concurrent Pricing
Concurrent vs. Named user pricing
Concurrent vs. Named User/Individual Pricing
Conducting Beta Tests
Conference Sponsorships
Configuresoft nails 2,800% growth for its PC management apps with tell-it-like-it-is approach
Considerations for Sales/Marketing alliance
Considerations in choosing a new product name ...
Considering Launching a VAR Channel


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