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P&L Structures for Software Companies
PaaS OEM Pricing and Sales Compensation Question
pacific paper products
Paid Time Off
pair programming teams
Parasite Marketing
Parent changing tack on MBO
Part Time CIO Avaiailable
part time jobs on internet
Part time vs. contractor
Partner opportunity for software companies
Partner Program Success Rates
Partner required for our Asia-Pacific operations
Partner required for our Asia-Pacific operations
Partner required for our Asia-Pacific operations
Partner Sought
Partner wants to move on
Partnering Basics
Partnering for development
Partnering to develop integration paths between two products
Partnering with CIOs, an online finance game, and travel tips
Partnering with complementary companies
Partnering.. OEM Licensing , Negotiations
Partners 4 Industrial Automation project development
Partners for Web Designing Services
partners in Chennai/Tamil Nadu
Partners Needed - Lucrative deal for the right people
Partnership in the Cloud: The Redefinition of The Channel
Partnership Opportunity
Partnership Program - SOS Online Backup
Partnership programs?
Partnership questions
Partnership R&D costs and Sales
Partnership strategy for Canada
Partnership with Marketing Company?
Parts of a Patent
pasports,visas,Id cards, driver's licenses etc
Passport(douglaswilliam411@YAHOO.COM) ,Visa,Driving License,ID CARDS,marriage certificate
Patch 5.2: Are you Ready???
Patent and Legal questions
Patent and selling software idea Qs?
Patent Attorney Recommendations
Patent reform: the big guys won, the little guys lost
Patent Troll
Patenting Software
Pay Commission on the maintenance fee?
Pay for Performance Marketing for Enterprise Software
pay per download
Pay per results telemarketers?
Pay V Free
pay-for-results PR agencies
Pay-forPerformance Models for PR
Pay-Per-Install Service with SoftAhead.
Paying commission on subscription sales
Paying commissions when a salesperson leaves the company
Paying Contractors
Paying Hourly Employees
Payment system supporting fund transfer to 3d party
Payment Tems
Payment Terms on Enterprise Software
Payment terms that account for implementation delays
Payments for software
Payscale considerations for bi-lingual people
Peek into the software company valuation process
Penalty for hosting breach while still recognizing license revenue
Pep talks for software sales reps, do-it-yourself podcasting, new rules for stock options, and tracking website evolution
Percentage of Revenue spend by Dept.
Percentage of revenue to devote to development?
Percentage of software products vs. in-house?
Performance-driven iProspect uses software to sell services, racks up 2,758% sales growth
Performers with a statistical enhancement
Perks with a purpose: Thanks to deliriously happy (and productive) employees, Perceptive Software grew sales 66% last year
Perpetual to Subscription Pricing Conversion
Perpetual vs Annual Rental
Persistence pays for IssueTrak, despite early missteps
Personal Assistant
Personal productivity - three lists that will change your life
Phase-out pricing
Phone numbers searchers and marketing
phone sales help needed
phone system
Phone vs. e-Mail - The Numbers
photo enhancement software - need ideas!
PHP on IBM i - Adding new value to old applications fast
PHP script protection/licensing/pirating
Picking ONE Target Market Focus
Pioneering Solution for In-flight Catering Companies Seeking Business Partners
Pitching to investors and banks: How INEA uses Old School approach to win backers and clients
Planning your 2006 trade shows, a "burn-on-demand" software service, and expert tips on white papers
Please advice on representing an International Company.
Please appreciate my free ECOMMERCE SOFTWARE
Please contact me
Please Get Your Password Out of My SaaS!
Please help in research
Please help on RegNow!
Please help to find mac-resources for promo mac app
Please help....
Please stop selling me! Can't we just talk?
Please suggest a name for new program
Please suggest a PR writer
Please test my free software for e-commerce
Please test my shareware project
Please test my site and program (dictionary)
Plug into your users with this elegant plug-in
Plug your leaky website, get buzzing with social networking, and blow up your data center
Podcast Software for the PC?
Podcasts on software intellectual property and software development
PointAbout CEO Offers 11 Startup Tips to Snare Angel Financing, Build Your Team, and Raise Your Profile
Policy for handling Off-Hours Standby Support for Clients Requesting Such Support
politic pigeon furry ugg boots
Poll for Software CEOs: What's your biggest marketing problem?
Poll: 2006 biggest lead generation challenge
POLL: What does your business do?
POLL: Who buys and influences language services vendor selection
Poor Customer Service Example
Portal Software - To manage a VAR/Reseller Network
POS Company 4 Sale
Positioning an unpositionable product
Positioning Product
Positioning/Market with Negative Connotations
Possible Legal Action for "Employee Poaching"?
Possible Legal Need in Portland, OR
Possible OEM Deal. Need help!
Post mortem analysis
Postcard Mailing Process
Posting press releases on company website - pros and cons
Potential market
potential partnership questions for virtual IT outsourcing company
Potential technology entrepreneurs can't just rely on past experience when starting a
Power mta setup using interspire
PPC & Landing Page = Exit Page
PPC services, other than Overture and Google?
PR - Leveraging recent Business Week mention
PR for the Web
PR/ Industry Analysts
Practical next steps
Pre-Acquisition Discussion: Protecting your IP and business sensitive information
Pre-launch Sales Advice
Pre-Software Launch Questions
Premium for concurrent user pricing
Premium on software sold overseas?
preparing for beta testing
presentation management software
presentation management software
presentation management software
Presentations - What would you do?
Press Announcement Advice
Press Distribution
Press Release Distribution Service, Special Discounts!
Press release distribution services
Press Release Distribution to Newswires
Press Release publishing strategy question
Press release search service
Press Releases -- Where to start?
Press Releases - BusinessWire vs. Free . . .
Preventing Illegal use of Software
Price ceiling for B2B online software purchases?
Price for my Software
Price Increase Notification
Price increase?
Price Management Tool
Price of Individual Licenses for Add-on
Price Question, SaaS Hosted VAR
Price testing
Prices outside the U.S.
pricing & mkt research
Pricing & Terms of Source Code
Pricing advice for CRM software for VARs
pricing an e-business solution
Pricing and compensation
Pricing and Product Valuation
Pricing changes for including "Powered by"
Pricing for an outlook addin
Pricing for new application
Pricing for new software
Pricing for SAS Risk Dimensions...
Pricing for small and large customers
Pricing in the Assistive Technology market
Pricing model for a software services company
Pricing of project tool
Pricing on Surveys
Pricing product Saas
Pricing Questions
Pricing S/W code
Pricing SaaS CRM for small or medium sized businesses ???
Pricing Software
Pricing Software As A Service
Pricing Software Professional Services
Pricing structure for applications that are used online
pricing support for open source / no license fee sw
Pricing support on an hourly basis
Pricing support question
Pricing Survey of Daily Support, Development, etc.?
Pricing translations of software


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