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Name change / re-brand and product versioning
Name Other Than Lite
Named User v Concurrent User pricing
Naming Competitors in Case Studies
National Reps for SEO Company Needed
Navigating Bermuda Triangle price zone
Navigating the Channel - "All Aboard!" or is that "On-Board..."?
Navigating the Channel: How to on-board new partners for maximum performance, and faster cash results
Nbr of Mainframe sites in Canada & Mexico
NDA and Software product license
NDA for offshore development
Nearshore data processing center
Necessity of ASP/SaaS License?
Need a Business Development Plan Template
Need a good copyrighter
Need a good problem statement
Need a Job Definition for V.P. Sales for internet advertising
Need a SaaS business plan template?
Need a Specialist to guide Development?
Need a substitute for the term ¬?licensing fee¬?
Need a VP Bussiness Development / Marketing
need a well-connected C-level partner
need advice
Need Advice - opportunity to sell to a larger competitor
Need advice about "affiliate programs"
Need advice for setting salary/commissions for Sales Person
Need advice on commission structure
Need Advice On Data Recovery
Need Advice on how to market our Product
Need advice on outsourcing e-commerce and fulfillment
Need Advice to Talk with Big Players
Need advice!
Need advise on pricing source code for source code escrow
Need an advice-asking testimonials from clients
Need android projects
Need Android projects for Outsourcing
Need Assistance - Statement of Non-Philisophical Disagreement
Need assistance making analyzing web enablement of our application
Need Business Advice
Need business partners for ManageFieldStaff.com
Need company to do software testing
Need critique opinions about our site
Need Customers? Need someone to get them for you?
Need equal Partner for starting a software company in Kerala(INDIA)
Need Examples of Niche Software Businesses
Need funding for new e-commerce service
Need funding for product enhancements and marketing
Need Guidance in Strategy and Marketing
Need Help
Need Help
Need Help and direction to acquire International Software Projects
Need HELP for finding Software Distributors in US
Need Help For Looking to Start Software Development Firm
Need help from the Who's Who of Software CEO Forums
Need help in marketing plan
Need help in weighing the distribution options
Need help on estimating price for software and copyrights
Need Help On Mobile Applications
need help to find a recent post
Need Help to Mass Market
Need Help to Sell Software Intellectual Proprty (IP)
Need help with an opinion survey
Need Help With Business Development
Need help with Customer Reference Strategy
Need help with potential IPO or buyout
Need help, security software pricing
Need Help- Hire as Employee or Use Consultant?
Need Help.
Need hints on pricing
Need Investors for Mobile + Web Portal.
Need Joint Venture Agreement
Need legal advice for law suit involving software re-write issue.
Need long term Partners in US for SAP company in India
Need Marketing Agencies for School Management Software
Need monthly billing system
Need New On-Line Shopping Cart?
Need No-Compete Advice
Need Online Assistant?
Need Outsourcing Partner
Need Partners
Need PR rep with CRM contacts
Need PR-embedded license agreement
Need PR-embedded license agreement
Need publisher , distributor or re-seller ,
Need recommendations for IP Attorney - Boston
need reseller and buyer for our gis products
Need reseller company
Need sample Sales comp plans
Need SEO recommendation
Need software development lifecycle documentation
Need Software Development Projects
Need software industry law firm in NY
Need Some Advice
Need some Advice, data mining software
Need some advice/criticism
Need some advice/critisism as well
Need some free wordpress themes?
Need Some Help Growing My Business
Need some suggestions on to make multiple DVD¬?s for business
Need suggestions - Software Licensing
Need Suggestions for Revenue Model
Need Suggestions for Revenue Model
Need Suggestions for Revenue Model
Need survey software recommendation
Need tips on how to open up a new market
Need tips on improving the product's website: II
Need to find 3 Account Executives
Need to hire marketing
Need to make regime change overseas? Here's advice from a global software CEO
Need to merge our software products business with a larger company
Need to target 3 markets
Need your advice about entering the US market
Needs inputs for a Research report about organizations into Software Services
Negotiating large, global contracts..
Negotiating matters
Negotiating Your Corporate SaaS Agreement ¬? Do You Flunk the Test?
Netsuite CRM, Salesforce or another?
NetSuite hits sales sweet spot with small- to mid-sized business software market
New "what buyers want" presentation
New .NET Version Questions
New affiliate marketing concept
New and easy way how to find new distribution and reseller partners worldwide
New Business. How to do Market Research?
New Calendar Marketing Concept
New call-center needs broker
new company in the market
new company now
New Framework - Feedback Appreciated
New Global Communications, and Mobile software.. VARS, and partners.
New Hire Blues: How to Find "A" Players for Your Team
New leads versus existing customers
New Operations Survey available online
New Original Apple iPad 3 Wi-Fi + 4G 64GB, Apple iPhone 4S 64GB
New Package for Marketing
New Partner Needed
New partnership - need advice
New partnerships
New Product Category creation process
New product development, revenue share, buyout, etc.
New Product Introductory Pricing
New Product Pricing and Sales Strategies
New products not brandable?
New products?
New Release Adoption Rates The Key Metric in Software
New Release Of Mmo Gold Service And Trading System
New revenue growth videos
New sales and marketing benchmark surveys now online
New Sales Compensation Plan
New Software Marketing Blog Launched
New Software Product. Who do I sell to?
New Software Project Needs Guidance
New Software Project: Update 2 Years Later
New to sales, need advice
New user (and new market) penetration
New version marketing campaign
New Web Startup, need guidance.
New Year Discount Sales Promo @ www.direct-saleslimited.com
Newbie Seeking Developer (and Trainer) vs Distributor Licensing Percentages Advice
Newbie Seeks Licensing Pricing Advice
Newby needing advise on what documents/agreements needed
Newsletter Editor
Newsletter Marketing Program
Next on the Menu: ERP Software
Next step from here
Nextel I930 For Sale For Just $130usd
Niche Market Software to acquire or distribute
Niche software business looking for sale or partner
Niche software team needs a strategy
Niche, new vertical for open source product
Nine Common - and Costly - Symptoms of Management Strain
Nine common-sense Web tips that most software companies ignore
No marketing investment. Should I sell the company?
No side agreements
No site resources for online privacy statement how-to's ?
No users group yet? Here's how to start one, or strengthen the one you already have
Nokia 808 PureView@350$,BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981@800
Nokia e62 for $300usd,Samsung d900 for $170usd,Treo 750 for $250usd
Nokia n95 for $300usd,Sony ericssson k800i for $200usd,Treo 750 for $250usd
Nokia--Nextel--Ipods--Xbox--Laptops--Sidekick 3 at good price
Nokia--Nextel--Ipods--Xbox--Laptops--Sidekick 3 at good price
Nokia--Nextel--Ipods--Xbox--Laptops--Sidekick 3 at good price
Non compete and possible lawsuit?
Non transferrable license - local laws?
Non-Compete Aggrmt --with an integration partner
Non-disclosure Agreement
Non-internet channels for educational software
Non-production pricing for enterprise software
Norms for order book in software services industry
North America Market Research
Not enough support people?
Not getting clients for a new startup website company
Not getting clients for a start up website company
Not getting clients for a start up website company
Not getting clients for a start up website company
Not getting clients for a start up website company
Not getting clients for a start-up website company
Not getting clients for a start-up website company
Novelty pasports,visas,Id cards, driver's licenses etc (bestfdocuments@gmail.com)


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