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I am looking for a motivated sales director/partner !
I am looking to sell or incorporate my technology with existing products
I am planning start my own software organization, can anybody help me form where i can get
I am starting small firm, i want clients
I don¬?t know how much more lying I should do to be believable?
I have a dilemma... can you help me?
I have required leasing call centre.
I need a biz partner
I need a software Idea
I need EMR resellers can you help me ?
I need some advice
I strongly believe in Philanthropy
I strongly believe in Philanthropy
I strongly believe in Philanthropy
I strongly believe in Philanthropy
I strongly believe in Philanthropy
I strongly believe in Philanthropy
I strongly believe in Philanthropy
I strongly believe in Philanthropy
I strongly believe in Philanthropy
I strongly believe in Philanthropy
I strongly believe in Philanthropy
I want to get into Software Sales
I Want to Talk to the Manager!
I would like get in to software business
I'm an Executive. Time Tracking Does Not Concern Me.
i'm looking for Price Management Tool?
I'm selling software rights and source code for my software
IBM Product Installed Base Market Share/Numbers?
Ideas for growth through M&A
Ideas for Quartely email blast
Ideas for service/support value-adds?
Ideas to Grow Sales?
If anyone looking for a Business Consultant
If CEO says something we don't ask why
If I Say
If you are looking to revamp your organization!!
If You Can't Measure it, Blah, Blah, Blah
If your newsletter isn't selling, it isn't working: Six measures of success
Im looking for a President for my Software Co.
Impact Marketing "Product Launch Primer"
Impact of providing interface to another vendor's product
implementation costs
Implementation Risk
Implementation Software Failures
Implementing Reseller Program for Software
Implications of Changes in Investment
Importance of .com for non-US based websites
Importance of web accessibility
Important industry conference and software awards
Important IT Cities in India
Important on Quality
Impressions of BNI?
Improving Institutional Quality
Improving site listings.
In all enterprise projects, there are three battlefronts:
In case of bankruptcy - reseller gets your software?
In demand for sales/agents in UK and US region. Any advice?
In each issue both companies try to create
In need of sales consulting help
In order to pick apart what Wrathion of WOW
In-depth help for business users of Excel?gratis
Inadequate Sales Process
Incentive Plan for Product Development Team
incentivizing the consultant to get more things done in less time
Incompetent Customer Project Manager
Incorporating (again)
Increase Sale by appointing on commission basis
Increased Revenue Opportunity for Independent Software Marketing Consultants
Increasing Compliance Audits Irritate Customers
Increasing Marketing Efficiency
Increasing Sales....
Increasing the base salary for sales reps.
Independent Consultant selling services on the side
Independent reps for small network software?
Indian ODC supported Products won IBM awards.
Indian Resellers
indians business partners
Individual Server licenses to site & enterprise
Individual sites
Industrial directory for manufacturing (USA & Canada)?
Industrial Training Institute in Chandigarh
Industry Association?
Industry blurbs, best conferences, best practices, and best support sites
Industry experts reveal their resources: Top picks for software industry sites and journals
Industry leading PC rollback software, need partners
Industry partnerships: How to locate and land partners with more payoff than pain
Industry standard commissions
Industry Standard Sales Manager Commisions
industry stats
Industry support benchmarks?
Industry Survey for Reseller Discounts?
industry-leading tools to scan applications for security vulnerabilities
Inexperienced Vs. Experienced Entrepreneurs
Infinity Contact Is a Leading Contact Center Outsourcing Company
Infinity Contact's Inbound Call Center services Offers Excellent Services
Info on maint/support revenue vs. cost
Infor Gets Aggressive
Information on the Australian Market
InfoVision 2007 ¬? Early Bird Offer closes on 20th November 2007 ¬? Hurry Up!
InfoVision 2007 ¬? Early Bird Offer closes on 20th November 2007 ¬? Hurry Up!
InfoVision 2007 ¬? Early Bird Offer closes on 20th November 2007 ¬? Hurry Up!
InfoVision 2007 ¬? Early Bird Offer closes on 20th November 2007 ¬? Hurry Up!
Initial Pricing Strategy
Initial Sales with no installs/references
initial strategies
Initiating Acquisition Discussions
Initiating Strategic Alliances
Inject ROI into the software sales process: Increase your win ratio, and reduce your time to close
Inner Exec Circle meeting follow up
Innovation team success and accountability metrics?
Innovation: It's Not Just for Products Anymore
Innovative Marketing methods for attracting ISVs in the US and UK
Inovis turns analyst coverage into new business (+26 ways you can do the same)
InovoQuest.com - managing corporate innovation
Inside Sales Rep Compensation
Inside Sales Rep Needed at Informatica
Insider's look at latest software M&A deals
Insight Into the IT Project Manager's Work and How To Help Them
Installation Tool Poll
Insurance for a new software distribution company
Insurance Help
Insurance Suggestions
Integrated accounting, time-tracking/job costing and project mgt solution
Intellectual Property Indemnity Licensing Clause
Inter Milan tickets are selling out fast for the game
Interactive web analyzer application rights and source code for sale
Interactive web self-service
Interesting article on Access Control in Multitenant-Applications
Interesting Development
Interesting PRs from LiveOffice
Interesting read on leadership
Interesting Surprise
Internal Accounting / Structuring of P&L
Internal sales & VARs - keeping the peace
International Channels: Growing Your Revenues in Global Markets
International Distribution
International Distribution: what questions should I ask?
International Domains for Corporate URL
International expansion strategy
International ISV looking to establish in the USA
International labor Exchange Project: Wind of Exchange
International Marketing partner
International NDA
International Partners
International Reseller Terms
International royalty agreements and enforcement
International SaaS issues/challenge
International Saas issues/challenges with internet Connectivity
International Software Consultant
International software resellers/VAR¬?s directories
International trademark search & registration
International Trademarks
Internet Marketing & Advertising Specialist.
Internet vs intranet security dilemma
Intranet in a box solution
Intranet in a box solution - no sales yet
introducing myself :)
Inventions must be novel and nonobvious, not complex
Inventor of e-commerce engine PATENT seeking suggestions
Inventor with patented products needs partner
Investing excess capital
Investing in our new software company
Investing in smaller companies - Why ?
Investment Checklist
investor / aquisition / whatever?
Investor gone bad - What to do?
Investors required
Invoice Timing for Products that Require On-site Installation
IP licensing
IP Protections from Semi-paid Labors
IP theft is becoming the new target for cyberthieves
iPhone and Custom Applications
iPhone/iPad development and SDK 4.0
IRS Classification for Leased Web Software
Is an Agile PMO Possible?
Is bird flu covered by Force Majeure?
Is brand management critical in small software firms?
Is Enterprise Integration the Next Hurdle for the Cloud?
Is File Format saved by a Program Copyprotected?
Is Gardening Boots useful while farming in the runescape
Is Google+ working for you?
Is Googling replacing programming?
Is it normal to pay high commission on sales?
Is it OK to be an ASP again?
Is it possible to register a company with an H1 visa
Is it possible to register a company with an H1 visa
Is it time for you to step aside? HotLink gets new leadership, new direction
Is it useful having "Free Trial" banner/button on home page?
Is MSP Partner program that easy to implement?
Is my Business Running EFFICIENTLY??
Is my company sellable?


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