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SoftwareCEO Professional Showcase

Mark Paul - Strategy & Leadership Forum

Mark Paul is managing partner of Synergy Consulting, an accomplished author, and a veteran of the software industry. Mark has worked in an extended variety of environments from embedded software to renewable energy.

Chip Cooper - Operations & Legal Forum

Chip is a full-time practicing attorney with the highest rating (AV) by Martindale.com and 25+ years experience in the information technology, software, and Internet law practice. Chip also blogs on SoftwareCEO in the "Cutting Edge Legal Issues" blog.

Phil Morettini - Sales & Distribution Forum

Phil Morettini is an accomplished senior executive with over 20 years experience in high tech businesses. In 2000 Phil founded PJM Consulting to provide practical, hands-on assistance to companies in the software and technology industry.

Judy Schramm - Marketing & PR Forum

Judy has spent 16 years running a marketing and PR firm, JMR Consulting, that works with small software companies around the world, and is also a long time moderator on SoftwareCEO.

Roy Daya

Roy, CEO of Digital-Clay, has more than 15 years experience of creating exciting new technologies and bringing them to market.

Susan Haumeder - R&D & Quality Forum

Susan is an experienced senior IT project manager and business systems analyst, specializing in R&D and quality management.

Jim Geisman - Software Licensing Forum

Jim's consulting firm, SoftwarePricingPartners, helps B2B software & technology companies improve their pricing and business models.


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