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September 29, 2010 04:38 AM

Categories: M&A and Financing

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Joined: 09/29/2010

Offshore banks operate outside the investor┬?s country and enable them to earn profits. The profits accrue to the investor in the form of lesser taxes and better returns. The offshore banks are not restricted by the rules and regulations of the government. This enables them to earn high returns which are forwarded to the customers, in order to attract many such customers. The benefits from offshore banks are many and include some aspects like strong privacy, less restrictive legal restrictions, low or no taxation, easy access to deposits, protection towards financial instability etc.

offshore banking services are the same as the services from any high street bank, plus the extremely confidential numbered accounts. These include personal and corporate current/checking account, secure internet banking facilities, anonymous numbered accounts for those who desire confidentiality and privacy, Debit and ATM cards, which are accepted globally, Credit cards, loans, Mortgages. The services offered by an offshore account are way higher than an onshore account.

Earlier the offshore banking was related only with high profile individuals and wealthy families but now the conception has been changing. To set up an offshore account, all one needs is a small initial down payment. It can be as less as $2,000. Even a common man can avail these and benefit from the bank. Offshore investments can be a great way of safeguarding the investor┬?s money and gain high return over investments.

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