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June 26, 2010 01:29 AM

Categories: Human Resources

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Reliable Attendance Software can be an asset to any company and a worthwhile investment, but what about schools? Some may feel that such software is simply a luxury and not necessary in most school districts, but this thinking is a mistake! Schools very often have more students running around than most businesses have employees, making them a prime candidate for Attendance Software. The following are a number of valid points explaining how Attendance Software can benefit schools:

o Some people feel it is a misguided choice to spend money on an Attendance Software Suite in times that some schools are dealing with budget cuts and larger class sizes. This however, is exactly why this software is needed! With more students and less money, it's safe to assume there will be less administration to do tasks like locating student schedules and adjusting attendance. With Attendance Software, a teacher can look up and input their own specific needs without having to call the main office for assistance. A teacher can easily pull up any student schedule to locate him/her for another teacher, a parent or guardian, or for themselves.

o Another benefit is that teachers can remotely enter grades from their computers rather than having to go down to the office. This allows several teachers at a time to enter their grades for their students making the process faster, easier, and more accurate. Without teachers having to rush their grading process, there is less chance of error, resulting in inaccurate report cards and decreasing the need for changing incorrect grades and upsetting students and parents.

o A system that collects attendance at the door, as students enter, has proven to be greatly effective in a number of larger school districts. It can improve safety and vastly decrease class cutting. One school witnessed a 75% drop in students who skipped or cut class after implementing this system. This not only keeps students in their classrooms, but keeps them out of trouble. Requiring students to 'punch in' in the morning can also allow the faculty staff to be aware of what students should and should not be in attendance, allowing the school to intervene any class cutting issues before they escalate.

o Some Attendance Software can even make printing report cards easier! It can help a substitute teacher be more in control of who should and shouldn't be in the classroom, and help keep students on track by keeping them IN class.

o Many people worry about price, feeling that in order for it to be successfully implemented the way it needs, it will be far too expensive. This is not true at all. Attendance Software can be affordable if you seek an experienced company who will take your specific needs into account and not just sell you something out of the box. Some companies are incredibly flexible with affordable options and add on features to fit any and all of your needs.

The major benefit to this software is that it gives the faculty better control and power to locate students for whatever situation. They can be found if they did not clean up their mess in art class, it helps teachers know if a student is cutting class, or simply absent that day, and it allows administration to keep better track of student records by watching attendance.

Attend HRM is an HR software that can automate all these and much more.

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