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June 22, 2011 04:15 PM

Categories: R&D and Quality

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Joined: 06/26/2002

Hello -

Instead of a full re-write to web enable our small business app, we want to at least consider putting our  reports 'in the cloud'.

We'd like to automate the process as best as possible, so in a perfect world we would

- schedule the report(s) to run
- send any given report to any given destination, e.g., the owner's Iphone, gmail account, etc.

Our app is written in Delphi with the Advantage SQL database.

I imagine there is some experience or toolkit we can leverage; we don't have this expertise in house.

Any suggestions, an idea where and how to find what's out there, etc. is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Matthew CostGuard Foodservice Software (914) 337-9030, ext. 11 www.costguard.com matt@costguard.com

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