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November 8, 2010 02:01 PM
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Peter Redmer

Joined: 09/14/2010

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new SoftwareCEO community.  We've made a number of enhancements to the look, feel, and layout of the site.  Here's an overview of some of the highlights of the new face of SoftwareCEO.


The community forums should look very similar to you - we've kept the areas and categories the same.  On the main forum page, you can easily browse the most recent threads as well as posting a thread of your own.

It's easy to embed photos, videos, and links into your posts using our convenient post editor.  For even more flexibility, you can enable the advanced editor in your site profile.

**Note to SoftwareCEO moderators: watch your email for details on moderator specific areas of the site.  For more info, or if the email does not reach you, please email me directly!**


Our exclusive downloads area is one of the great benefits of SoftwareCEO, and have been a member favorite for years.  (You need to be a SoftwareCEO member to access downloads.  Click here for more info on how to join.)

Downloads are easily sortable by several criteria, including category, date added, number of downloads, and more.  In addition, you can rate and post comment threads to individual downloads.

Site Search

Sitewide searching is fast and easy.  The search bar is near the top of the page.  You can narrow your search to specific areas of the site, or just search everything.  We also offer an advanced search if you're looking for something very specific.


If you are a SoftwareCEO member, you will still have access to the extensive archives of editorial content, interviews, company profiles, and more.  However, you can now rate individual articles as well as post comments to individual articles.  Let the author know how much he or she helped your business, or offer constructive feedback!

Watch the newsletters and homepage often, as we will periodically feature articles that are accessible by guests and members who have not yet signed up for a SoftwareCEO subscription.  Or, you can join SoftwareCEO to have full access to everything!

Please note that we are undergoing the lengthy process of categorizing articles so it is more convenient for you to locate what you need - in the meantime, some categories may temporarily appear empty.  You can use our search feature to quickly find what you need.


Right now, you will not see blogs on our community other than the news - don't worry!  Very soon, the blogs you know and love will be restored and available for viewing by everyone.

**Note to SoftwareCEO bloggers: watch your email for details on how to continue updating your blog.  For more info, or if the email does not reach you, please email me directly!**

RSS & Newsletters

Do you keep up with news by using your favorite RSS reader, such as Google Reader or NetNewsWire? SoftwareCEO has one simple page where you can sign up for any RSS feed you like.  Want to get notified when a new article gets published, or when there's a new thread in your favorite forum?  You got it.

In addition, one of the most requested and utilized features of SoftwareCEO is our newsletter.  Our newsletter is free, and it's easy to sign up to receive it (if you haven't already.)  Simply check the box in your notifications, and you're all set.

Upcoming Features

Make sure to keep a close eye on the homepage and our newsletter for updates as they become available.  We're planning on rolling out several new features, including a CEOs Corner, a new Hotshots page, and more.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

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