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What to avoid when building your software demo

No matter how great your solution, if your demo is anything less than stellar, your lead gen efforts will suffer.

A clear and concise demo that engages prospects from the start can keep your sales pipeline maximized and easily become your strongest lead gen tool.  But, to build a great demo, you have to know what to keep and, even more importantly, what to leave out.

To help you build a better software demo, here are common mistakes you an easily avoid:

  1. Too Much Noise – Use your demo to showcase features and benefits instead of reiterating too much marketing jargon.  Prospects want to know how you’re going to make their work easier and they want you to be quick about it.  Be succinct by replacing the bells, whistles, and marketing fluff with your software's key benefits. 
  2. Not Enough Personality – There’s a fine line between noise and personality.  Avoid useless demo material that only adds dramatic effect, but don’t forget to include your company’s look and feel.  Your demo should reinforce your brand and be consistent with your company’s voice. Engage prospects with a friendly, conversational tone that appeals to them on a personal level.  
  3. More Tell than Show – Don’t tell prospects what you can do, SHOW THEM.  On average, a person tends to remember only 10 percent of what they read, but 50 percent of what they see and hear. Retention rates can increase to 90 percent if a simulated experience occurs.  In other words, get out of the way and let your software sell itself. 
  4. Flat Content without the POP! – Instead of going through PowerPoint slides filled with overused, flat sales copy, educate your prospects on your Wow Factor—the one thing that distinguishes your solution.  Use clear and concise product-centric content to emphasize why prospects should choose you over your competitor.
  5. Limited Access – If you want maximum exposure for your product, then your demo needs to be easily accessible for all prospects. Offer an automated, streaming demo that can be placed on your web site, on marketing CDS, looped at tradeshows, leveraged in emails and downloaded onto laptops for face-to-face sales presentations.

A demo needs to show prospects how you can help them.  Content that distracts from your true selling points is a waste of your efforts and your prospect’s time.  Keep it product-centric, engage your prospect and leverage multiple viewing options to get maximum exposure. 

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This blog covers all things software demo-related. From content to technology, we discuss what works and what doesn't to help give you the competitive edge when it comes to building your software demos.

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