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How Well do you Know Your Customers?

How well do you know your customers? Do you have a really clear picture in your mind of the person who would benefit the most (and pay the most) for your software? Who is your ideal prospect?

If you want your software marketing to work for you, then you need to have a clear-cut target customer profile. Your marketing must be focused and directed at that type of individual: What is their pain point? What is their budget/how valuable do they perceive your product? What is your USP? Where do they go for their information? These will all help you better define your marketing mix.

You may have multiple profiles, for a couple of reasons: First, your product may be a more complex purchase and there will be more than one stakeholder in the buying process ? you need to have well-defined profiles and messaging for each stakeholder. Second, you may target multiple segments with different versions of your product, or different messaging and site landing pages.

Apple is a great example of this: they know which segments value their products the most (eg, education, graphic design) and that is where they target the iMac. Take a look at their website and you see this in their case studies, product shots, landing pages, etc.

Adobe does this well also, showing products targeted by solution with landing pages for each type of user from their website: not only are their individual products targeted to certain users but they have solution bundles by target customer available also: web publishers, print publishers, consumer photo editing, etc.

What can you do to better target your messaging to your most profitable customers? Look at your website and your marketing material with fresh eyes. Does it speak directly to the pain points and needs of your best prospects? Can you do a better job sub-segmenting your market with your material, landing pages, etc?

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