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How are You Changing Your Software Marketing to Survive the Recession?

During past recessions, a survey of 150 marketing executives found that an aggressive increase in proactive marketing during the recession allowed them to achieve superior business performance: iPod, MTV, Intel Inside, Wal-Mart are all good examples of that. At least this is what the authors of a Penn State study in 2005 found.

What about this time around? Does it still make sense to increase focus on marketing during slow economic times? In fact, does this even apply to software vendors (I'd argue it does...)?

There are other forces changing the face of marketing in software: the trend to SaaS certainly being one of them. Even without the recession we're all being challenged to do more with less.

I'm running a poll on what software companies are doing with their marketing programs to respond to the recession in 2009, over on my website at Software-Marketing-Advisor.com It only takes a few seconds to fill in, so please click the link, go over and fill in the quick poll (no personal/company data needed!) and find out what your colleagues are doing. Or you can just leave it as a comment here.

I will report on the results of the poll back over here on SoftwareCEO later next month in my blog... so stay tuned!

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