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Welcome to my software marketing blog


Since this is the first post for my Software Marketing blog on SoftwareCEO, I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and the topics I plan on covering in my blog. If you have other ideas for topics or questions you'd especially like addressed, then feel free to add a comment with your suggestion.

This blog will touch on all aspects of software marketing. So whether you sell enterprise software, consumer software, hosted services, or software consulting, you will find tips and ideas to refocus your marketing efforts and align your marketing strategy to your business goals.

In my fifteen years in various software/solutions marketing, strategy and consulting roles in the technology industry IĀ?ve had the opportunity to work with software and services firms and enterprise companies of all sizes to help them better position their products and services to meet customer and market needs. As owner of Software-Marketing-Advisor.com, my website to provide software marketing advice and strategy, IĀ?ve had questions and client engagements come up on all aspects of software marketing, which IĀ?ll try to address here:

  • What are the best internet marketing strategies for software?
  • How can I continue to market effectively with a reduced budget in the slow economy?
  • How can I prioritize all the marketing activities IĀ?m being asked to do? How do I optimize my marketing mix?
  • What are the best practices for aligning marketing efforts with business strategy?
  • How does the trend to selling software as a service impact our marketing plans? What is the best way to market a SaaS product?
These are just some of the questions and issues IĀ?ll try to cover here in the coming months.

I plan on starting with the topic IĀ?m hearing most frequently from my clients at the moment: how to deal with marketing in a recession? Stay tuned as I address my top five tips for marketing in a recession in my next blog posts. The main takeaway? DonĀ?t think that a slow economy and reduced marketing budgets means you should spend less time and energy on marketing efforts. Rather, it means you need to really focus and optimize where you do spend your money to have the largest impact to immediate sales and market share. So check back for more in the next postĀ?

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