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Cloud Inside

I've just written a Go Faster plan that will allow HarrisData to re-engineer our entire enterprise application portfolio - including HRIS, ERP, and CRM applications - into next-generation web applications in a matter of months.† Why risk a complete re-engineering ... Continue reading

Bookmark, Link, Search

[Highlights of CEO Keynote at HarrisData's 1013 User Conference.] Step away from the vendor hype wars over cloud computing and look at what the cloud means to users. Anything a user wants to do will be reached by a bookmark, ... Continue reading

Surviving the Drop in Business Investment

Truly amazing news as the UK's National Museum of Computing keeps the WITCH online - mechanical relays, paper tape and all! The computer's "flashing lights and clattering printers and readers provides an awe-inspiring display for visiting school groups and the ... Continue reading

New Release Adoption Rates The Key Metric in Software

Getting the installed base to upgrade is becoming a survival imperative, as customers left on older versions compare what they have to what's available from the cloud and find it wanting. The ERP industry is finally taking the new release ... Continue reading

Storm vs Cloud

Once again, Mother Nature dashes the best laid plans of men. The Friday storm took down Amazon's cloud data center in Virginia (once again). The storm disrupted power supplies for much of the greater DC area, including Amazon's US-East-1 region. ... Continue reading

A Modern Transaction Architecture

Consider the Payroll application as typically designed. The object is to convert hours worked into paychecks while calculating taxes, benefit deductions, and garnishments. The work flow is broken into a series of segments: hours entry, payroll calculations, verification, check printing. ... Continue reading

Implementation Risk

Another day, another ERP vendor sued over an implementation failure. The customer did not achieve success implementing core ERP software and naturally blamed the vendor for inadequate support. You would think that by now someone somewhere would understand what it ... Continue reading

Ultimate Justification for Cloud ERP

Chris Chappinelli identifies what may be the most important justification for moving your ERP to the cloud - cyber-security. Given the increasing complexity and frequency of attacks on customer and employee data, many IT departments are ill prepared to face ... Continue reading

PHP on IBM i - Adding new value to old applications fast

The IBM Systems Magazine PowerUp blog is talking about PHP on IBM i, a thread started by Laura Ubelhor with her post "There's No Doubt PHP is an Awesome Fit on IBM i". For the average IBM i shop, PHP ... Continue reading

Tablets Mean Changes for the Enterprise

Plenty of hype has been offered as tablet computers (first the iPhone, then the iPad) arrived, sold in enormous numbers, and slowed PC sales. Software vendors were quick to deliver Apps - partly to ride the new wave and partly ... Continue reading

Too Big to Succeed

Cyprus is in the news as the world wrestles with insolvent banks in that country. The challenge is that a failure of the Cypriot banks would lead to wider failures across the world. The underlying idea is that banks can ... Continue reading

A Skeptic's Take

Whatever your view of the cloud, a little perspective goes a long way. Cloud computing? "I think it's a lot of hype," he says during a recent interview in the company's midtown Manhattan office. "Time sharing made a lot of ... Continue reading

Reliability of Cloud vs On-Premises Software

Lauren Carlson at Software Advice makes the point that the cloud reliability problems we have seen lately should not be considered in isolation. That is a very helpful point. She holds up the service level agreement as guarantor of cloud ... Continue reading

The Web of Nouns

Web of Things is all the rage, where your smart phone starts your car and schedules servicing, or the refrigerator reminds you to pick up milk on the way home. In the near future things will connect to the web ... Continue reading

Go Faster

I've written a lot of strategic product and marketing plans over the last 30 years, and I just wrote both the most challenging and most enjoyable yet. It's a simple piece called 'Go Faster'. After a successful rollout of our ... Continue reading

Cloud, Mobility, and Big Partners

IBM recently announced new PureSystems and PureFlex hardware for inhouse cloud deployment. The good news is, as Frank Scavo notes For some reason, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM are able to make life easier for small developers. Thus HarrisData achieved certification ... Continue reading

Mashup Enterprise Services

Nostalgic for a late 60s console entertainment center complete with an integrated turntable, tube amp, radio, TV, and stereo speakers? Consoles were big pieces of furniture, the focal point of the room on which we would watch shows or listen ... Continue reading

Bureaucracy Blamed for Bad Decisions

As Einstein famously stated, ‚??Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.‚?? According to a Wall Street Journal article this morning (Don Clark and; Shara Tibken, ‚??Cisco to Reduce Its Bureaucracy‚??) Cisco CEO John Chambers … Continue reading

To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

[CEO presentation at this year's user conference, ed.] Charting a new course Where to go? How to get there? As CEO, my focus is on leading HarrisData and our customers to a successful future. That requires answering a couple basic ... Continue reading

Hype, Mixed Messages, Snark, and Cover-up

The convergence of cloud, mobility, and consumerization of business technology make a competitive environment for ERP applications even tougher. No vendor can deploy all the answers today. This leads to exaggerated claims and snarky counter claims by the big ERP ... Continue reading

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