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Editor's Pick

Top 10 Pitfalls of Software Globalization And How to Avoid Them

by Atul Tulshibagwale on March 21, 2013

Many enterprise applications do not provide all the languages that businesses require to support employees, partners and customers. Depending on the language and software application, localization can present formidable hurdles for software vendors. Here are... More »

Featured Interview

Achieving Success In A Narrow Niche: How Bockyn Software's CEO Built a Business on Parks & Rec

by Adam Stone on February 26, 2013

Mike Bocker spends his professional time on the ball field, at least metaphorically. As CEO of Bockyn Software he serves a highly specialized niche: The parks and recreations departments of various municipalities. Founded in 2005,... More »

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Curt Finch Avatar

Go Mobile with Your Own Business App

Tips from Journyx's CEO from 09/11 12:20 PM

Everything is going mobile these days, including businesses. A report by AppDirect found that companies are increasingly creating mobile apps as a way to reach... More »

Curt Finch Avatar

How to Pick the Right Tech For Your Company

Tips from Journyx's CEO from 08/21 1:08 PM

In a 2013 survey from the National Small Business Association, it was discovered that 70% of small business owners say that keeping up with new... More »

Curt Finch Avatar

What a Scattered Office Means For Your Company Culture

Tips from Journyx's CEO from 07/24 11:25 AM

Telecommuting is increasingly becoming a way of business life. According to the United States Census Bureau, an estimated 20 to 30 million people work at... More »

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